A poem of a palestinian child…

Don’t cry now Ummi, don’t cry now, rest now Ummi, sleep,
It’s over Ummi, no more pain, no more suffering, no more grief.
I see the fear in your eyes Ummi, thinking what’s going to become of me,
Don’t you worry about me though Ummi because Allah will watch over me.

I was going to build you a proper home where we would live happily,
I was going to take you to Hajj Ummi, when standing on my own two feet.
Those dreams will stay dreams now, never becoming a reality,
My heart is breaking apart now Ummi with the thought of you leaving me.

O’ my beloved Ummi, what will I do without your company?
My world is upside down, I’m in pain! Turmoil! Agony!
Our lives mean nothing to them Ummi! They hate us passionately!
But why does no one stop them Ummi? No one listens to our plea!
Why does no one help us Ummi? Why is everyone asleep?
Don’t they know we live in terror every day from this enemy?

I get lost in my thoughts occasionally, I’ve been thinking a lot lately,
I don’t know what we did to them, why do they want to see us bleed?
The day we wait so long for, but it seems tht time has ceased,
when will this bloodshed stop?
When will we live again in peace?
But our blood is not wasted Ummi – remember for this we die as Shaheed,
They may take our lives Ummi, but our souls are forever free!

So they can beat me, starve me, cut me until my body bleeds,
My soul will never submit to them,
I’m a slave to the Almighty.



By Rashid Abdi Nur