April 6

Duniya ke Musafir Nasheed


New Version By a small boy [name unknown] in Mysore City..


Oh travellers of this world

your destination is the grave

This journey for which you are preparing will last for only two days

Since the creation of this world thousands and millions have arrived

No one is left

They’ve been engulfed in soil

Do not forget this, this will be everyone’s final abode

Oh traveller of this world

Your destination is the grave

With your own eyes

how many burials have you witnessed?

With your own hands

how many of the dead have you buried?

Of your own consequences

why are you so unaware?

Oh traveller of this world

Your destination is the grave

These great mansions you have

they are of no use

These tall and lofty buildings that you have built

they are of no use

Only two metres of this vast earth, will be your small home

Oh traveller of this world

Your destination is the grave

Here today

Gone tomorrow

You are not to stay in this world

Your destination is to leave

This journey for which you are preparing will be over in two days

Oh travellers of this world

your destination is the grave.




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March 31

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA) – March 30, 2012 – Opening of Sayyedah Zaynab Centre

Full English voiceover of the speech delivered by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA), secretary general of Hizbullah at the opening of the Sayyedah Zaynab Centre in Beirut, Lebanon on March 30, 2012. In this historical speech Sayyed Hassan(HA) discusses the Global March to Jerusalem (GM2J), the silence on Bahrain, the Zionist and Wahhabi plot against Syria and more.
February 25

[Iran Today] On Israeli/America Terror Against Iran and Iran’s Right To Nuclear Energy

February 25, 2012 edition of Press TV’s Iran Today program. This episode discusses the Israeli terrorist activities against Islamic Republic Of Iran, the murder of Iranian scientists by MOSSAD, the collusion of the American, British and some European governments in such state sponsored terrorism, as well as Iran’s absolute right to a nuclear energy program.
February 22

Imam Khamenei(HA): "Production and Stockpiling of Nuclear Weapons is a Big Sin"

Iran will never seek nuclear weapons: Leader

Recorded from Press TV’s Live News Program at 2100GMT on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Iranian nation has never sought and will never seek nuclear weapons as it has the capacity to challenge the nuclear-backed influence such powers rely on.

In a Wednesday meeting in Tehran with the director and officials of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and nuclear scientists the Leader described the country’s nuclear and technological achievements further in line with national interests and beneficial for the future of the country.

"The Iranian nation has never pursued and will never pursue nuclear weapons," said Ayatollah Khamenei.

"There is no doubt that the decision makers in the countries opposing us know well that Iran is not after nuclear weapons because the Islamic Republic, logically, religiously and theoretically, considers the possession of nuclear weapons a grave sin and believes the proliferation of such weapons is senseless, destructive and dangerous."

"If nations are allowed to independently make progress in the fields of nuclear energy, aerospace, science, technology and industry, there will be no room left for the tyrannical dominance of world powers," said the Leader.

"Sanctions have been in place since the victory of the Islamic Revolution while the nuclear issue is a matter of the past few years; therefore their (the West) real problem is with a nation that has decided to be independent."

February 17

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA) — Martyrs Day — February 16, 2012

Live recording of Press TV broadcast (with English voiceover) of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA)’s (Secretary General of Hizbullah) speech delivered on the Annual Martyrs Day Commemorations for the Martyred Leaders of the Islamic Resistance — Shaykh Ragheb Harb(A), Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi(A) and Hajj Emad Mughniyyeh(A).


‘Resistance guards region against Israel’

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the movement will not abandon resistance, which he says protects the whole region from Israeli schemes.

"We pledge … that we will preserve his soul and his era and we will continue on the path of Seyyed Abbas al-Moussawi," Nasrallah said at a televised speech on Thursday during a ceremony commemorating Hezbollah martyrs, including Moussawi — the former Hezbollah chief who was assassinated in 1992.

"We do not build our alliances based on our moods, we always take into consideration the interests of the [Islamic] Ummah…We understand that Israel is… the tool and army of the Zionist plan in the region. We outline our stance based on this [understanding]," he explained.

Nasrallah said the Zionist scheme poses a threat to the entire region by its continued occupation of Palestine, judaization of al-Quds (Jerusalem) and violation of the rights of the Palestinian people inside and outside the occupied territories.

"And because we believe that this scheme poses a threat to all the components of the region, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or cultural identity and therefore we must confront it and topple it," he pointed out.
The influential Lebanese leader stressed Hezbollah’s devotion to defending Lebanon against Israeli threats and insisted that "resistance is strong, perseverant and independent," while on the other hand Israel is losing its strength.

"Israelis regard the present time as the most dangerous era in their history… and they concede they are vulnerable," he stated.

Nasrallah recalled years of "fruitless" negotiations with Israel and highlighted the significance of resistance as the only feasible way to counter the Zionist plots.