Descent On The Earth

Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of that tree. At that moment, a wonderful event occurred. The clothes of the garden disappeared, and they became naked, so they saw their private parts.

There was a fig and banana tree with wide leaves. Adam and Eve hid themselves in them.

They were ashamed of themselves, thus they used those wide leaves as clothing to cover their private parts.

They felt regret, fear, and shame. They committed a sin, for they did not follow Allah’s words. Rather they followed Satan’s words. Satan ran away and left them alone.

Adam and Eve heard a voice calling them. The voice belonged to Allah, the Glorified, Who asked them: “Hadn’t I prevented you from approaching that tree? Didn’t I say to you that Satan was your clear enemy, and that you shouldn’t let him deceive you?

Adam and Eve wept because of their sin. They wished they hadn’t listened to Satan’s words.

They bowed to Allah in regret. They said: “Our Lord, we will turn to You in repentance! Accept our repentance! Forgive us our sin! We’ve wronged ourselves! If you didn’t forgive us our sin and have mercy upon us, we will be among the losers!”

Adam had knows that Allah would forgive sins through asking for forgiveness, by repentance, and regret, thus he regretted and turned to Allah in repentance.

Allah, our Lord, had mercy on Adam and Eve. So, He forgave them their sin. However, Adam and Eve had eaten from that tree. They had disobeyed Allah. Therefore, they had to leave the garden to purify themselves from their sin.

Allah, the most High, said: “Iblis, go down to the earth.” Then He said to Adam and Eve: “Go down to the earth. The enmity between you and Iblis will continue. He’ll go on deceiving you, however, I’m merciful. If you follow my words and orders, I’ll return you to the garden. If you tell lies and disbelieve (in Me), I’ll punish you as I’ll punish Satan.

Allah said: “Get down, you are enemies to each other. In the earth you will have abode and provisions for a time. In the earth you will live, in it you will die, and from it you will be brought out.”

He added: “Get down from it, you two, all (of you). You are enemies to one another. So there will surely come to you guidance from Me. Then whoever follows my guidance, he shall not go astray nor be unhappy. And whoever turns away from praising Me, he shall surely have a difficult life. And we will raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection.”

Adam and Eve became qualified to live on the earth. Adam confessed his sins, thus he was ready to be the caliph of Allah on the earth. He decided to lead a good life in the earth and to refrain from corrupting it.

Angels prostrated to Adam. However, they thought that Adam would cause corruption on the earth and shed blood, for Adam knew the names angels did not know. He knew all the names. Angels knew neither freedom nor will nor sin nor repentance. They did not know that a person could correct his sin through repentance. For this reason Allah created Adam. He wanted him to be his caliph on the earth.

Suddenly, through Allah’s absolute power, Adam, Eve, and Iblis descended to the Earth. Each one of them landed at a place in the earth.

Adam landed on the top of a mountain in Sarandib. Eve landed on al-Marwa mountain in Mecca. Iblis landed in the lowest land.

He landed in a salt valley in Basrah, near the waters of the Gulf.

Thus, human life started on the face of the earth. The conflict between man and Satan began.

Many animals had lived before our father Adam and mother Eve landed on the surface of the earth. However, they were unable to resist the ice that piled up for thousands of years. So they died and became extinct. There was an animal called the mammoth. It was like the elephant but it was covered with wool. This animal lived in Sibrya. There was another animal, it was like the rhinoceros but it was also covered with wool. This animal was also unable to resist ice and severe cold, so it died and perished.

There were huge wonderful birds. They also died and became extinct.

Then the ice melted, and severe cold ended. Warmth returned slowly to the earth.

Allah ordered Adam and Eve to descent to the earth. He wanted Adam to be His caliph in the earth. He wanted him to plant and build and inhabit this beautiful planet.

Sarandib: Ceylon Island. It is now called Sri Lanka

Title: Our Father Adam and Mother Eve
Author: Kamal al-Sayyid
Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed
Ansariyan Publications, Islamic Republic Of Iran – Qum