Allah created Adam alone. Then He created Eve for him. Adam rejoiced at his wife, and she rejoiced at meeting him.

Allah, the Glorified, made our father Adam and our mother Eve live in the garden.

The garden was a very beautiful place. It had many rivers and immortal green trees.

It was an everlasting spring. It had neither heat or cold, rather, it had fresh breezes.

When one filled his chest with those breezes, he felt happy.

Allah, our Lord, said to Adam: “Live you and your wife in the garden. Eat from it whenever you want.

“Live wherever you like, and eat whatever you like.

“You will be happy in the garden. For there is neither tiredness nor hunger nor thirst in it.

“Be careful not to approach that tree. Be careful not to listen to Iblis’s words. For he will deceive you. He is yours and your wife’s enemy. Adam, he will envy you, and he will bear malice against you.”

Adam and his wife Eve lived in the garden. They enjoyed its shade and ate from its fruit. They were happy.

Adam and Eve were very happy. For Allah had created them with His own hand and gave them all things. Angels loved them, for Allah created and loved them.

Adam and Eve walked about the garden. They ate from its fruit and sat on the banks of its rivers. The banks were fascinating.

They were full of corundum and agate. Fresh clear water washed their feet. There were rivers of delicious honey and of yogurt. There were birds and flowers. Adam and Eve were very happy in the garden, for everything in it belonged to them.

They ate from all the fruit. The fruit were of various shapes, colours, and smell, however, they were all delicious.

Adam and Eve always passed by a tree in the middle of the garden. The tree was very beautiful and its fruit was hanging. Adam and Eve only looked at it. For Allah had prevented them from approaching it and eating from its fruit.

Title: Our Father Adam and Mother Eve
Author: Kamal al-Sayyid
Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed
Ansariyan Publications, Islamic Republic Of Iran – Qum