Ramadhan Dua – Day 10

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ALLAH, on this day, make me, among those who rely on You, from those who You consider successful, and place me among those who are near to you, by Your favour, O goal of the seekers.

O Allah, I pray to be able to rely on You, but I get upset at the slightest of breakages of my plans. Little do I realise that things working out of my plans are inviting me to ponder over the Master plans of the Planner of Universe.

“I have recognized my Lord through the breakages of my plans!” – Imam Ali (as)

Real success is in submission to Your plans, Your decisions. If I manage to rely fully upon You, and am content at heart even if things do not move my way, realising that You are the best of planners, I have managed to touch the glory of success.

This success will be far from following my plans, satisfying my ego but it will take me so much closer to You, that nothing else would then matter.

What is my goal in life? I plan to pursue my goal, and if the goal is to reach You, and attain closeness to You, as I say in the niyyah of all my good deeds, QURBATAN ILALLAH (to acquire closeness to Allah), then the breakages of my plans through Your Will do not make any difference, because the path is not important when the goal is acquired.

Have I known my goal?

O Allah, before I ask for reliance upon You, before I glance at what success means to me, allow me to realise and identify my goal in life.