Ramadhan Dua – Day 19

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ALLAH, on this day, multiply for me its blessings, and ease my path towards its bounties, do not deprive me of the acceptance of its good deeds, O the Guide towards the clear truth.

O Allah, multiply my blessings… What blessings am I asking for multiplication in?

On the 19th day of Ramadhan, I realise that;

  1. Time- the biggest blessing of Allah, passes so swiftly- O Allah, multiply my blessing, give me barakah in time

  2. Opportunities knock at our doors not so frequently, and most of the time, I shun them away without a second thought, justifying that I am too busy. O Allah, multiply my blessing and inspire me to prioritise before I decide impulsively.

  3. Children are my greatest asset, and will continue my struggle after I leave this mortal world.

“And we inscribe what they send forward and their marks…” – Surah Yaseen: Ayah 12

O Allah, allow me to raise them in Your way, so that I look forward to meeting You with pride of having fulfilled my responsibility

  1. Guidance through Quran/ Ahlul Bayt- Both were sent for me to follow, but alas, I merely read the Quran in the Holy Month, in a language that I do not understand… and commemorate anniversaries of Ahlul Bayt, listen to their miracles and am satisfied. When I think of Hadith Thaqalyan I justify that through my dealings with both, I am holding on to them.

  2. My Intellect- the misuse of which has allowed me to fall short and smartly justify my lapses. O Allah, multiply in the blessing of my intellect so that I think the way you have planned for me to think, as a result of which, all my blessings will be multiplied on their own.

O Allah, through all these blessings, guide me towards THE CLEAR TRUTH

“Verily Ali is with the Truth, Truth is with Ali. O Allah, turn the Truth to where Ali turns…” – Sermon of Ghadeer.

Allow me to take guidance from him, who is THE CLEAR TRUTH, inspire me tread on his footsteps….

“Realise that your Imam has satisfied himself with two shabby pieces of cloth out of the comforts of this world, and two loaves of bread for his meal.” – Letter 45, Nahjul Balagha