January 21

Salaat & Aamaal for the 1st of Rabbiul Awwal


General Rites of the Months

The general rites to be advisably done in each month are as follows:

First: It is recommended to say the famous supplicatory prayers at the sight of the new moon. The most preferable of these is the supplication No. 43 of Sahifae Sajjadiyyah, which has been mentioned within the rites at the beginning of Holy Ramadhan.

Second: It is recommended to recite Surah al Fateha seven times in order to escape eye ache.

Third: It is recommended to have some cheese, for it has been narrated that one who usually eats some cheese at the beginning of each month will have almost all his requests answered.

Fourth: At the first night of each month, it is recommended to offer a two unit prayer with Surah al Fateha and Surah An’aam (No. 6). One may then pray Almighty Allah to save him from any terror or pain and to make him live throughout that month peacefully and safely.


Salaat Ruyati Hilal – Salaat upon seeing new moon

It is desirable to pray a 2 rakat Salaat after seeing the moon of the first night of every lunar month, within 3 days & earlier the better. Also give sadaqa /charity & Inshallah you will be safe throughout the month.

This salaat is to be prayed exactly like the morning prayer, except make foll adjustments.

  1. Make Niyat of Ruyatil Hilal

  2. In first Rakat recite after Sura Fateha recite Sooratul Ikhlass 30 times

  3. In the second rakat after Sura Fateha  recite Sooratul Qadr 30 times

  4. After Salaam Recite the following :-


There is not a "moving creature" in the earth but the sustenance thereof depends on Allah. He knows its habitation and its repository. All is in a manifest Book.

If Allah touch you with affliction, there is none that can relieve there from save He; and if He desires good for you, there is none who can repel His bounty. He makes it available to whom He wills of his bondmen. He is the Oft-forgiving, the Merciful.

Allah will vouchsafe, after hardship, ease. That which Allah wills (will come to pass)! There is no strength save in Allah.

Allah is sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in whom we trust!
I confide my cause unto Allah. Verily, Allah is Seer of (His) bondmen,
There is no god save Thou. Be Thou glorified! Verily, I have been a wrongdoer, My Lord! I am needy of whatever good Thou sends down for me. My Lord! Leave me not alone (childless), though Thou art the best of inheritors.



January 19

A Poem To Explain What Moharram Is All About..

Mazlum_Ya_Karbala_by_Sarab1400The Day the Skies Wept Blood
The tenth dawn of Islam’s new year, Seventy-two of the bravest who had nothing to fear,

Came out to battle for our pride,
Knowing that the journey to Heaven would be their very next ride.

On the blistering sands, under the scorching sun,
Stood the mighty Hussein, a soldier second to none,

With the fragrance of musk, it had to be said,
The skies of Karbala were already turning red.

Every ally wanted the honour of being first,
To drink the honey of paradise and quench their

As each one’s body fell on the sand and mud,
It was Ashura, the day the skies wept blood.

A marriage in the tent during this grieving hour,
Abdullah knew that the time was not far,

In the attire of a groom, He set out to fight,
Realizing the loss, Sakina cried throughout that

Abbas did not even drink a sip from the river,
But was hit by arrows from the trees’ rear,

Hussein’s final support ascended to the heavens,
It was now only Hussein and those inhumane devils.

But, Ali Akbar, the very valiant youngster the world has seen,
Was hit in the heart during the pinnacle of His teens,

The face of the Prophet (SA) with blood was smeared,
Hussein’s tears completely drenched His beard.

Asgar, the courageous six month old prince,
Fought for Islam’s pride without hesitance,

Until that heartless satan let his arrow fly,
Young Ali Asgar’s blood was taken by the sky.

Hussein ibn Ali, the Noble Son, and The Greatest Martyr,
Stood ready to fight with absolutely no fear,

Until a teary eyed Jibrael descended from the Heavens,
Allah’s wish is Your sacrifice Oh Highborn Eminence.

Hussein happily welcomed Allah’s Missive,
Bowed down to Sajdah for the future billions,

Zainab, cried aloud at the sight of Her mind’s eye,
Upon witnessing Her imperial brother peacefully die.

January 19

My Sins Block My Dua’a

By Anon

As I sit here alone, the tears rolling down my face
It is not salt, but pain that I taste

So I leave now to go stand before You
I am helpless and alone, what else can I do?

I have asked, I have begged but my sins block my dua’a
I will come now still begging, forgive me O Allah

Forgive me and grant me what it is that I ask
For me it is impossible but for You a simple task

I try and I try but I do not succeed
But I understand and know it is because Your Words I do not heed

I hear, yes I hear but I do not always obey
Perhaps that is why I am destitute, isolated and why You have written that I will be alone this way

I have no to blame but the person in the mirror I see
No one else must pay for my sins, no one else, no one else, no one else but me

So I stand before You to again beg forgiveness because You said that I can
You have told us in Your Book that You are Ar-Rahman

I will ask, I will beg but my sins my block my du’a
But I will keep asking, forgive me O Allah

January 18

An Hour Of Prayer

By Barbara Bartocci (Readers’ Digest – September,1988)

It was my birthday, that morning in February 1978, and I felt harried as I grabbed my briefcase and headed for a business breakfast. Life had been a good to me overall. My small advertising agency was thriving. Husband and children were well. Yet something seemed to be missing – something that didn’t even a have a name. I felt it only as a small emptiness inside.

At the restaurant I joined Don Campbell, a tall, lantern-jawed man of 60-odd years. He was a successful marketing consultant with an unusual empathy for people. I was always struck by his calm, peaceful manner.

Over poached eggs we discussed an advertising project and then, business behind us, I mentioned my birthday and confessed to my nagging feeling of emptiness.

"Want to fill it?" Don asked.


"Start your day with an hour of prayer."

"I don’t have time for that!" I gasped.

"Exactly what I said twenty years ago. I was president of a Chicago ad agency and running every which way just to keep up.. I couldn’t find time for it. I had the sinking feeling that my life was getting out of control. Then a friend told me I was going about things backward.

" ‘You’re trying to fit God into your life,’ he said. ‘Five minutes here, ten minutes there. You need to fit your life around God, and you do that with a commitment. An hour a day – now that’s commitment.’ The idea is to take a chunk of time big enough to mean something to you and then, give that chunk to God."

Don’s eyes twinkled. "I thought my friend was off his rocker. To find an extra hour for God, I’d have to get up an hour earlier. I’d lose sleep and ruin my health." The twinkle turned into a grin. "But I haven’t been sick in twenty years."

Twenty years!

I left the restaurant in turmoil. An hour of prayer? Preposterous! Yet I couldn’t get Don’s idea out of my mind.

Saying nothing to our three teenagers or to my husband, Bill, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. We live in the Midwest and oh, it’s cold and dark at 5 a.m. in February. I wanted to curl back under the blanket, but I forced myself to get up.

The house wrapped around me, dark and gloomy. I tiptoed to the living room, ignoring Burt, our Labrador retriever, and settled on the couch. It was peculiar being alone with God. No church rituals.. Just me. And God. For an hour.

I glanced at my watch and cleared my throat. " Well, God, here I am. Now what?"

I would like to report that God replied immediately, but there was only quiet. As I watched the first tinges of sunrise I tried to pray, but thought instead of my son Andy and the fight we’d had the day before. I thought about a client whose business had hit a rough spot.. I thought of inconsequential things.

Yet gradually my erratic thoughts slowed. My breathing slowed, too, until I sensed a stillness within me. I grew aware of small sounds, the refrigerator hum, Burt’s tail slapping the floor, a frozen branch brushing a window. Then I felt the warm presence of love. I know no other way to describe it. The air, the very place in which I sat, seemed to change, as the ambiance of a house will change when someone you love is home.

I had been sitting for 50 minutes, but only then did I really begin to pray. And I discovered I wasn’t praying with my usual hurried words or my list of "gimmes."

All my life I’d been told God loves me. On that cold February morning I felt his love, and the immensity of it was so overwhelming that I sat in quiet thanksgiving for nearly 15 minutes. Then Andy’s alarm went off and Burt gave a small woof. The ordinary day had begun. But all through the rest of that day, I felt warmed by the memory of that love.

The next day morning the house seemed even darker and colder than before. But, shivering, I did get up. One more day, I thought.

And the next day, One more day.

Day by day, six year passed.

There have been plenty of crises in those years: difficulty with one of our teenagers, marital turbulence, a big financial loss. Through every crisis, I have found a quietness of soul in that hour with God. It gives me time to put things in perspective, to find God in every circumstance.Once I find him, there seems to be no problem that cannot be resolved.

Some mornings, I am quickly filled with the wonder and glory of God. But other mornings, I feel nothing. That’s when I remember something else Don Campbell said: "There will be times when your mind just won’t go into God’s sanctuary. That’s when you spend your hour in God’s waiting room. Still, you’re there, and God appreciates your struggle to stay there. What’s important is the commitment."

Because of it, my life is better. Starting my day with an hour of prayer has filled the empty space to overflowing.