The Bees

Once the Holy Prophet (s) was sitting  with Amir al-mu’minin ‘Ali (a) in the middle of a garden, which contained  many trees, and was very fertile. A bee came towards them and started  circling above them for quite some time… The Holy Prophet (s) addressing  ‘Ali (‘a) said: Indeed this bee has made  us his guests today. It said to me: I have placed for you some honey in that  specific place. So send your brother Amir al-mu’minin to the place so that he  may bring the same. Thereupon Imam ‘Ali (‘a) stood up and brought  the honey.

[Then] the Prophet (s) addressing the bee said: O bee, surely your food is from the roses of flowers, and that is  bitter [in taste]; so how does it change into sweet honey? The bee  replied: O Messenger of Allah, surely the  sweetness of the honey comes from the blessing of mentioning your blessed  name and the name [s] of your pure progeny; when we draw the nectar of the  flowers we are inspired to invoke blessings upon you and your infallible  progeny three times; therefore when we eat, the mention of salawat   turns our honey sweet. [Khazinat al-Jawahir was lama’aat  al-Anwaar, p. 586]