The Earth

During that period of time, the earth, the waves of seas, and storms became calm, Many volcanoes were extinguished.

Jungles grew and became dense. They were full of animals and birds. Fresh water gushed from spring, and rivers flowed.

The good wind carried clouds to deserts. The rain poured down to enliven the deserts.

When man travelled through space, he saw the earth going round the sun to make the four seasons. Autumn followed by summer. Winter followed Autumn. Spring followed winter.

So the earth became green. Plants and jungles became fascinating. Fresh water flowed in rivers. Cool, fresh water gushed from springs.

The earth went round itself to make day and night.

Birds woke by day. They flew to look for food. Animals woke by day too, and went here and there to search for food.

Deer ran in the jungles. Ibexes ran at the foot of the mountains. Butterflies flew about gardens looking for nectar of flowers. Wild animals roared in the jungles. Every thing in the earth grew and reproduced, so the earth was full of life and beauty.

Trees bore fruit. Sheep and goats went to caves to escape from wild animals.

Everything followed the way of Allah, the Great and Glorified.

The earth was very pretty. It was colourful. The oceans were blue, and the jungles were green. Hills were covered with plants. Deserts were brown, and ice was white. The rays of the sun were red at rising, but man had no existence yet.

Title: Our Father Adam and Mother Eve
Author: Kamal al-Sayyid
Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed
Ansariyan Publications, Islamic Republic Of Iran – Qum