The Meeting

The Angels loved Adam. They loved him because Allah created him with His own hand. They loved him because Allah created and made him higher in position than them.

The Angels prostrated to Adam because Allah ordered them to do that.

When Adam disobeyed his Lord by eating from that tree, he regretted, repented, and turned to Allah in repentance.

Allah, our Lord, had mercy on Adam. He accepted his repentance, and made him descend to the earth to be His caliph.

Allah sent Adam to the earth to test him. He wanted to know whether Adam would worship Him or follow Satan.

The Angels loved Adam. They wanted him to lead a life full of good and happiness.

They wanted him to return to the garden. However, Satan hated Adam. He bore malice against him. He envied him, and did not prostrate to him. With that he showed haughtiness towards Allah.

So Satan tempted and misled Adam. He urged him to eat from that tree.

Satan hated Adam and wanted him to be unhappy. He wanted him to enter fire.

Adam landed on the earth. He prostrated to Allah. He felt deep regret because of his sin. However, Allah forgave him. He chose him to be his caliph. Thus, Adam was purified from sin.

Adam remembered his wife Eve, for he loved her very much.

He was happy with her. However, he did not know where she was now. He had to look for her.

Adam walked about the earth by himself. He was trying to find his wife Eve.

An angel came to Adam. He said to him: “Eve is at a far-off place in the earth. She is waiting for you. She is lonesome. She is searching for you. If you follow this way, you will find her.”

Adam became hopeful. He set off to look for Eve. He walked bare-footed for miles and miles.

When Adam got hungry, he ate some wild plants. When it got dark, he felt loneliness. He heard the sounds of animals coming from a distance, so he slept in a safe place.

Adam walked for days and nights. At last he arrived in Mecca. His heart felt that he would find Eve at this place or beyond this mountain or that.

Eve was also waiting for Adam. She went up on the top of a mountain. She looked at the horizon but she saw nothing. She went from one mountain to another looking for Adam.

One day Eve was on the top of a mountain looking here and there. She saw a person coming towards her in the distance. She knew that the person was Adam. Thus she went down the mountain and ran towards him. She felt happiness and hope.

Adam also saw Eve in the distance. He ran towards her. They ran towards each other.

The meeting occurred in the shade of a mountain. Eve wept because of her happiness. So did Adam. They both looked at the clear sky. They thanked Allah, the Exalted, for bringing them together again.

Title: Our Father Adam and Mother Eve
Author: Kamal al-Sayyid
Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed
Ansariyan Publications, Islamic Republic Of Iran – Qum