The Tree

Iblis came to Adam and Eve to whisper evil to them. He asked them: “Have you seen all the trees of the garden?”

Adam replied: Yes, we have seen them all and eaten from their fruit.”

Iblis explained: “That is useless, for you have not eaten from the tree of immortality. Indeed, it is the tree of immortal life. When you eat some of its fruit, you will be like two angels in the garden.”

Eve said: “Adam, come on! Let’s eat from the tree of immortality!”

Adam said: “Eve, our Lord has prevented us from approaching the tree.”

To tempt Adam and Eve, Iblis said: “Allah has prevented you from approaching that tree because it is the tree of immortality. He doesn’t want you to be like two kings. So, he said: “Don’t approach that tree.” I advise you to eat from it, for you will be two angels and never die. You will be immortal. You will be happy in this garden for ever.”

Adam said to his wife: “I will never disobey my Lord!”

Iblis said: “Come on! Let me show you the tree! It’s over there, in the middle of the garden!”

Iblis went away. Adam and Eve followed him. Iblis was walking haughtily.

Referring to the tree, Iblis said: “That’s the tree. How beautiful it is! How delicious its fruit is!”

Adam and Eve looked at the tree and said: “Indeed, it’s fascinating. It’s fruit is delicious. It’s like the wheat tree, but it has various fruit, such as apples and grapes.”

Iblis asked: “Why don’t you eat from it? I swear by Allah I want to advise you. I advise you to eat from its fruit.

Iblis swore before Adam and Eve that he wanted to do good and offer immortality to them.

At that critical moment, Adam forgot his Lord. He forgot Allah’s words. He thought that he would worship Allah, and that he would lead and immortal life.

During those exciting moments, Eve reached out her hand for the fruit of the tree. She picked some fruit and ate them. “Delicious!” she exclaimed. Then she gave Adam some. Adam forgot Allah’s word, so he ate the fruit.

Thus, Iblis became happy. He laughed in a Satanic manner, for he succeeded in tempting Adam and Eve.

Title: Our Father Adam and Mother Eve
Author: Kamal al-Sayyid
Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed
Ansariyan Publications, Islamic Republic Of Iran – Qum