Work And Life

Life on the earth was not as easy as the life in the garden.

The earth was a planet turning in space. The seasons changed in it. Winter was cold, and snow fell heavily in it. It covered the plains and mountains.

Summer was hot. The leaves of trees fell in autumn. Trees became like dried sticks.

Then spring came, so the earth became green. Adam remembered the good life in the garden and wept. He longed for the garden and the good life there.

Adam and his wife Eve chose a beautiful area of the earth to live in it. Wild plants and trees with various shape and fruit grew in the area.

The days of happiness in the garden ended. There was neither heat nor cold nor hunger nor tiredness.

Now, Adam and Eve had to work. They had to be ready for the coming winter and the cold wind. They has to sleep in a cave before building wooden hut.

Adam worked till he became tired. The hard work made him sweat.

To avoid death, Adam and Eve had to sow, to harvest, to mill, and to knead, and to bake two loaves of bread.

Adam and Eve remembered the days of happiness in the garden. They yearned for the return to the garden, near Allah Who created them.

They remembered their sin. So they wept and asked Allah for forgiveness.

Thus they ended their life in work, worship, and thinking about the future of their children.

Many days passed. Eve gave birth to a boy baby and a girl baby. Then again she gave birth to a boy and a girl baby. The population of the earth consisted of six people

Adam and Eve were happy with their children. The children grew every day. They became young men. Abel and Cain went with their father to learn from him. They learned from him how to plow the ground and to graze the cattle.

Iqlima and Loza, Adam’s two daughters, helped their mother with her house work, such as cooking, sweeping, weaving, etc. Their life required work, activity, and effort. Days and years passed.

Title: Our Father Adam and Mother Eve
Author: Kamal al-Sayyid
Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed
Ansariyan Publications, Islamic Republic Of Iran – Qum